Beyond Our Garage Door Repair Service: We Also Replace Garage Doors!

You should keep your garage doors in good shape if you want to get the most out of them. If they are not functioning well, for example, you won’t be able to open or close them without difficulty, and you can increase your risk for bodily injuries and property damage. When signs of damage show, simply turn to RB On Point Service for quick and quality professional garage door replacement solutions. We are known for our reliable garage door repair service in Tomball, TX, but we also have the tools, skills, and know-how to remove damaged garage doors and replace them with new units. If you’re interested in this solution, give us a call now!

Is Time for a Replacement?

You don’t have to wait for your garage door to completely malfunction before having it replaced. Signs of damage include excessive squeaking sounds, misaligned garage doors, and clouding and rust on garage door rollers. It’s also not advisable to delay the replacement of a garage door if it has been less than 10 years since it was installed.

DIY vs Professional Replacement

It’s possible for homeowners to replace their garage door all by themselves, but it’s certainly not advisable. If you’re not familiar with the replacement process or don’t have the skills or tools for the task, it’s best to call experts like us. We’ll handle each phase of the project, from the removal of the old door to the installation of its replacement, and we’ll make sure that your new garage door will be installed according to industry standards.

You can count on RB On Point Service to promptly respond to your calls whenever you need our garage door replacement service. Our prompt response and efficient workmanship have always been commended by many property owners in the Tomball, TX area. We also offer budget-friendly rates to clients who are on a tight budget. To use our services, feel free to contact us today! You can also dial (281) 317-2909 if you want to use our garage door repair service and other top-notch solutions.

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